I've always loved going to the movies. As a kid, I would see whatever they were showing at the $1 theater in Louisville. When I visited my grandfather in Florida, after he gave up on teaching me to fish, he would take me to the movies. It was what WE did together and one reason I still get lost thinking about how cool he was. When I became a New Wave teen, my friends and I would dance in the aisles at midnight showings of Rocky Horror, The Wall, Rattle and Hum. The Vogue Theater was our church. In college, when I studied in Paris, I delighted in knowing I could see 300 different films (in theaters) on any given day. And I definitely tested that theory. After graduation, when I worked on my first feature film in India, the entire crew sleeping on mats in our production office, I would drift off each night listening to our DP fine tuning his plans for the next day's shoot. Even now, after working in film for more than 25 years, I still am in awe of what it takes to craft a movie. And so, with this series, I focus my lens on those who do it so well. With respect, I honor...

The Film-makers.

Karl Schroder | Cinematographer, Photographer

Manjari Makijany | Writer, Director

Marc Meyers | Director

Jody Girgenti | Producer

Chloe Sevigny | Actress, Director, Model, Designer

Sophie Corra | Editor

Henry Corra | Director “Living Cinema”

Ben Posnack | Sound et al.

Jeremy Medoff | Editor

Ali Cotterill | Director

Jetmir Idrizi | Photographer

Blerta Kambo | Photographer

Sandro Miller | Photographer