Peter Pan, The Piper Theatre Production (Summer 2018)

This Summer, the amazing talents of the Piper Theatre community will bring Peter Pan to their main stage. Last week, I had the wonderful pleasure of wandering the woods of Prospect Park with its lead actors, Caleb Donahoe (Peter) and Eliza Shea (Wendy). We tried to think Edwardian. I think we did pretty well. 

The themes of this story continue to provoke me, maybe now more than ever. As a dad of a just-teen boy, I am acutely aware of the conflicts between the innocence of childhood and the responsibilities of being adult. I think I see more of myself in Wendy, though I've always been drawn to characters like Peter. 

Stay tuned for updates and showtimes. I am certain you will be enchanted by these two extremely gifted actors and the charms of watching wonderful theater outside on a summer night.