The International Photography Awards conducts an annual photography competition for professional, non-professional, and student photographers on a global level, creating one of the most ambitious and comprehensive competitions in the photography world today. The IPA recognizes photography’s leading talents who are creating, shaping, and defining the world of photography today.

Truly honored to be part of this conversation. I am deeply moved, restlessly inspired, and fully humbled by this group of photographers and jury members. The photos we made for consideration were part of two series I shot earlier this year. Young actors (including my son) portraying the impossible journey of refugee children in Naomi Iiuzuka's "Anon (ymous)". And, Juilliard-trained virtuoso musicians ("Noree Chamber Soloists") beautifully cultivating a passion for classical music in young audiences. Both portrait series are really about facing our fears, looking into the storm, and actually making something in a world that often pushes back, sometimes with great success. These photos would be impossible without the generosity and bravery of these courageous subjects, the support of John McEneny (Piper Theatre) and Michael Saarela, and the hospitality of Tibi and Amy Wallin Smilovic.

ipa ~ International Photography Awards

Women who have lived

My mother used to tell us all the time, "I've lived." As kids, it used to make us cringe. I had no idea what she meant. She's been gone for more than sixteen years now. Every day I have a better sense of her words. I begin this project as a tribute to my mom, Janice Faye Causey Amar, and to these spectacular women who have agreed to spend a little time with me. Together we take these moments to celebrate the lives we have lived, are living. 

Eben Bull | Craftsman | Musician | Artist

What is the measure of a person? What is the measure of how we live? 

Recently, I spent a few hours inside the handcrafted sanctuary of Eben Bull. There is not one inch of that space that isn't thought out, that doesn't have Eben's imprint. To be in that space is to know a lot about that man. It is complex, it is warm, it is quiet (though haunted by the echoing noises of those who live above and around him), and it is rich with layers and the unknown.